In order to give back to the new and old customers for 17 months to support the platform, this event will be launched on the occasion of the EOS launch transaction.

Activity time

Beijing time April 23 ~ June 6th

Activity Rules

EOS transaction fee during the event period is free

Reward interval

Trading volume The amount of reward(Ratio by transaction volume)
5000—20000个 0.01%
20001—50000个 0.013%
50001—80000个 0.015%
80001—100000个 0.018%
大于100000个 0.02%

*The award issuance time will be issued one by one from 10:00 on the next Monday after the start of the event. The first release will be on May 2nd.

*The rights of final interpretation of this activity are owned by the BitcoinWorld OTC trading platform.    Trading platform reserves the right to cancel their qualifications!

BitcoinWorld OTC Platform
April 23, 2018